FIPSed official information and baits

For the 1st Feeder Fishing World Championship for Clubs the FIPSed Steering Committee decided to authorize a maximum of 2 Clubs for each Nation.

Due to the fact that the maximal available capacity of the venue is of 45 Clubs composed of 4 anglers each, under no circumstances, a higher number of teams could be accepted.

Should more inscriptions be reached, which exceed the maximum number of the acceptable registrations, the following criteria will be adopted:

  1. Firstly, a priority will be given to the registrations received before the deadline.
  2. Should the registered Clubs be more than 45, only 1 Club per Nation will be primarily accepted. In other words, the direct admission will be given to:
    • Any Clubs that belong to the Nations that are represented by one single Club.
    • One of the two Clubs of the Nations that are represented by 2 Clubs. In these cases, the priority will be given to the Club, which registered first, based on the date of the registration form. In case the two Clubs registered simultaneously, the priority will be given by the Federation of belonging.
  3. Should other available places remain after this operation, the Clubs that are chronologically registered as second will be accepted up until reaching the maximal previewed number (45). In this case also, the priority will be given, if needed, to the date or arrival of the registration form.

Only the members of Clubs that belong to a national Federation affiliated with C.I.P.S. and F.I.P.S.e.d. who have fully paid their annual membership fees, shall be allowed to participate. They shall be designated by their Federations.

All member anglers could have a nationality other than that one of belonging of the Club, on condition that these foreigners have the appropriate licence of its Club and that they are not under the effect of any disciplinary sanction imposed by their Country of origin.

In any case, the foreign anglers can be part of a Club on condition that the following requirements are met:

  • The competitors shall have resided in said Country for at least 5 years and shall hold an official document proving this condition.
  • The application shall be forwarded by the Nation the angler wishes to represent;
  • The application shall be complemented by a letter of the Sports Ministry of the concerned Country.

Competitors shall always be able to prove their nationality by means of national IDs or passports.

All supporting documents shall be produced at the 1st team managers’ meeting.


In competition and training 12 liters of groundbaits and 2.5 liters of baits, of which a maximum amount of 0.5 liter can be worms, are allowed.

No bloodworms and jokers are allowed.